TechCrunch, one of the world's leading technology and business online news sites with tens of millions of media impressions every day, has forged a new path into creating deeper connections within their community using Run The World. Events and conferences have always been key for TechCrunch to engage their readership with leading experts across a range of subjects. And by using Run The World's speed networking sessions, TechCrunch is bringing those two elements together in unprecedented ways.Β 

Specifically, in 2020, TechCrunch hosted bi-monthly marquee networking events for speakers and attendees of their TechCrunch Disrupt (September 14-19), TC Sessions: Mobility (October 6-7) and TC Sessions: Space (December 16-17). By holding these free bi-monthly cocktail parties, they turned their expos into networking opportunities for audiences, giving them a space to make new connections, share ideas, and learn from each other. And by using RTW strictly for networking, TechCrunch is offering their community what no other platform can: a seamless and meaningful experience for one-on-one conversations within a like-minded community.

"I think I demoed every event and networking platform there was, but what made Run The World stand out was the cocktail party feature, since engaging virtual networking was something we were still trying to solve for." - Emma Comeau, Director of Events, TechCrunch

By the Numbers:
  • 3 bi-monthly networking events exclusively for attendees of TechCrunch's three major conferences: TechCrunch Disrupt, TechCrunch Mobility, and TC Sessions: Space.
  • 100+ attendees per cocktail party

Event Series Schedule:
  • Bi-monthly recurring multi-day conferences hosted on enterprise event platforms followed by one hour Run The World networking events for conference attendees.

The story
TechCrunch, like most major media companies, faced an epic challenge with the cancellation of in-person conferences. Not only are these important sources of revenue but major events like TechCrunch Disrupt are significant for how they bring up visionary leaders and startups to share the latest trends and ideas that engage directly with TechCrunch's readership. In the pivot to virtual, preserving this sense of connection and community interaction was paramount. To wrap up Disrupt's 5-day event, their first fully virtual event, TechCrunch's events team scheduled an exclusive finale networking party using Run The World's cocktail party feature. The speed networking was a hit with feedback that it was a highlight of the 5 days. Even after 170 keynote speakers, including Kevin Hart, Conan O'Brien, and major CEOs, it was the ability to network with other attendees that many people loved the most. Encouraged by the participation and qualitative feedback, TechCrunch added networking sessions to their remaining major events of the year, Mobility and TC Space.

"Our attendees really like the cocktail party. It’s enjoyable for them to do something fun at the end of a day of serious conference talks. The integration is easy, we just put a link to the RTW event in the agenda and it clicks right out." - Emma Comeau

How TechCrunch uses RTW:
  • Exclusive cocktail party networking sessions for attendees to complement their multi-day webinar paid conferences hosted on enterprise event platforms.
  • Reviewing post-event data reports auto-generated by Run The World to gauge engagement metrics per attendee
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