After establishing herself as a top dance influencer on YouTube with 34+ million views, creator and dancer Miss Auti is taking the next step with her fan community. Her recurring, bi-monthly dance masterclass on Run The World is a one-stop-shop for dancers of all ages, levels, and backgrounds. Adding in a live fireside chat series with fellow professional dancers, her workshops are not only lessons in movement but lessons in goal setting full of inspiration and determination.

"With Run The World being a part of my life every month, it's been an incredible source of income for me. And it's even better that I can do what I love, and connect with people who do what I love." - Miss Auti

By the Numbers:
  • 6 recurring bi-monthly dance masterclasses for dancers of all ages and levels
  • Over 450 tickets sold for more than $11,000 in ticket revenue

Event Series Schedule:
  • One hour Fireside Chat between Miss Auti and a special guest dance influencer
  • Two hours of back-to-back dance workshops designed for all levels with focus on a different dance technique to make each event unique.
  • 30min open Q&A for the community to ask questions and engage with the event speakers

The story:
With 300,000 YouTube followers and 16,000 on Instagram, Miss Auti wanted an interactive and inclusive approach to connecting with her community. She also needed that approach to align with her values and generate revenue. After discovering how all this fit together using Run The World, Miss Auti jumped right in to offer a new premium experience for her fans and followers. Her highly structured dance workshops are masterclasses not only in dance, but in hosting virtual experiences that are engaging beyond anything possible on social channels. With growing attendee participation and recurring events for her community to look forward to, Miss Auti has found the perfect way to stay connected to her community, virtually, for the long term.

"It's not just a bunch of numbers, or this amount of followers, this amount of likes and comments, but it's actual human beings that you can connect with. And those connections allow our community to keep growing." - Miss Auti

How Miss Auti uses RTW:
  • Tiered ticket price options (Early Bird, Regular)
  • Fireside chats with fellow dance industry professionals to share insights and inspiration
  • Ask Me Anything sessions for direct community engagement
  • Live dance workshops for attendees to follow along with to practice and develop new skills during each event.

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