Success: With a recurring monthly virtual comedy show that began in June 2020, Stephanie Miller and her Sexy Liberal Tour team have sold 25,000 tickets and generated over $300k with virtual shows featuring original content, fan meetups, and premium VIP experiences. 

"Sexy Liberal fans would never be able to meet face to face because they were scattered all around the country. This format allows people to have conversations that they never would have had before. It's drawing people closer together, thanks to Run the World." - Chris Lavoie, Producer

By the numbers:
  • 6 shows (each month June - Dec 2020)
  • 25,000 tickets sold ($15 regular; $40 VIP)
  • $300k+ revenue

Monthly Schedule
  • One monthly virtual show
  • One cocktail party
  • Two VIP experiences

The Story:
Few entertainers have pivoted harder or more successfully into virtual performances to build a new business model than the syndicated radio host and political comedian, Stephanie Miller. With a community of over 102k on Facebook and 136k Twitter followers, Stephanie has a passionate fan base of "Stephheads" and "Sexy Liberals." But in spring 2020, facing the cancellation of her country-wide comedy tour due to Covid-19, her team took the virtual leap with Run The World to host and monetize online-only shows. 

How Stephanie uses Run The World:
  • Pre-show cocktail parties so the audience can meet each other for quick rounds of 5min one-on-one conversations. This recreates the lobby feeling before showtime and connects community members who would never have met in-person.
  • Premium Meet & Greet VIP experiences for super fans who want to hang out after the show and get face time with the cast and crew. VIPs can wander into different rooms hosted by each cast member, ask questions using the Grab the Mic, and snap a group photo with our Groupfie tool.
  • Each show is a pre-recorded never-before-seen original played to a live audience who can comment and react all together in real-time. After the show, the recorded video is on-demand for playback to ticket holders and on sale to new ticket buyers, creating an evergreen revenue source.

"I will tell you, our cast members love what they're doing creatively. It's a different creative output. It's a different medium, it's a different modality. If we are able to do a creative show on a monthly basis, who knows what can happen as time goes on with the right production budgets on an even greater frequency." - Ron Hartenbaum, Producer

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