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Event insight report

We now offer event insight report to our customers. You can use those insights to recap your event and improve your future events. An email will be delivered to the organizer's inbox 1.5 hours after the event and within the email, you will find the link to view available reports.Β 

The report shows the following information and statistics about your event:Β 
  • Organizer insight: number of registrants, people attended, new connections made, new interactions and 1:1 conversations
  • Earning Report: an overview of ticket revenue and fees includes 2 CSV reports of refund & detailed revenue

For [Pro+] customers:Β 
  • Email, name, bio, headline, type of ticket purchased, ... etc. of each session of your eventΒ 
  • Attendees' public chat log across sessions
  • Poll data - every single answer from attendees across sessions
For [Pro+ Sponsor] customers:
  • Everything above and a Sponsor Report - list of sponsors and booth interaction insights

Theme color picker

We are making virtual events even more fun with a few new features.
1. Theme color picker
Want to match your event's page color with your themes? Looking for something more creative and fun? We hear from you! Introducing our new theme color picker which can help you customize both your talkroom's and invitation page's color.

2. #challengeAccepeted
Engage with your participants! Send a #challengeAccepeted comment by hitting the button during stretch break.

3. Add speaker details
We now also support adding speaker details in single session creation and invitation page.


We upgraded the magic box to support music opening, stretch break, call to action(CTA), and Sponsor Shoutout.

Call To Action view on mobile

Organizers will need to buy a sponsor plan in order to unlock the Sponsor shoutout. Once unlocked, organizers will go to the event management process to add sponsors.Β 
Attendees will join the session and see sponsors right away!

Single Session

Run The World's new single session now offers the fastest way to create an event! The single-session allows you to host a webinar and start a cocktail party anytime during the webinar! Cocktail Party can be preset and started from the talkoom via a newly designed control panel and you can customize the length of each round of conversation during the cocktail party.

In addition, you can now choose whether if you want your event to be shown publicly on the explore events page and record your event if you would like to.

Choose "single session" if you want to experience this new feature when creating your event.

Control your privacy by making an event "Public" or "Unlisted." An unlisted event will never be on the explore events page but the public event will be.

We also make it easy for speakers to choose whether attendees can see them or not by adding the "Go Live" and "Stop Streaming" buttons.

Want to Record the session? Now it is just one click!